The KillaJoule at Petersen Automotive Museum, LA, USA

by Eva Hakansson

The KillaJoule was retired in 2019, and since then literally been collecting dust in a corner of a our workshop. It was in a sad state for a long time, until I got an email at the beginning of 2021 from Paul d’Orleans. He wanted the KillaJoule for an exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, USA. And it needed to be there my March 2022! Things became very busy, very suddenly, because the KillaJoule had to get back into its former glamorous shape! I think we did pretty good, and the staff and photographer at Petersen Museum waved their magic wands and it is now prettier than ever!

The KillaJoule will be on display through February 2023, so if you are in LA, this is your chance to see it in person. Even if my dad, who is an incredibly talented mechanical engineer, considered some of the early solutions for the KillaJoule to be “farm equipment”, it is certainly a very pretty piece of farm equipment! 🙂

The KillaJoule is part of the exhibition “Electric Revolutionaries: Designers at the Edge” at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Curated by Paul d’Orleans, produced by the Motor/Cycle Arts Foundation and Sasha Tcherevkoff, supported by LiveWire.
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More about the exhibition:

The KillaJoule has its own page on the Petersen website here:

If you were one of our fabulous supporters that made KillaJoule’s final race in 2019 a success, your name is still on the bike, and it will stay there forever. ❤️❤️

P.S. Did you find a mistake on this website? Or information that is outdated? Please let me know! It is always challenging to keep websites updated, and I appreciate if you tell me when something doesn’t look right. Thank you! // Eva

Thank you for visiting the home of the KillaJoule! The KillaJoule was retired from racing in 2019, but will always remain a legend.

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