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by Eva Hakansson

Do you love racing? Or electric vehicles? Or perhaps both?

Have you always dreamed about being part of a racing team? To set a world record? To see your name swish across the legendary salt flats?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, you are in the right place!

The KillaJoule may be retired, but its successor Green Envy is chomping at the bit to set new speed records. Not only is the Green Envy being built to become the world’s electric fastest motorcycle, it is built to become the world’s fastest motorcycle of any kind. Full stop! Don’t you wish that your name was on the Spirit of St. Louis when Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic and forever earned his place in the history books?

This is your chance to join the team. To join the movement. To make history. Without even leaving the couch! There are support levels that will fit every wallet and piggy bank, and every level comes with perks.

Click here to see your options at

The names on the KillaJoule were placed on the sidecar. The names on the Green Envy are planed on the side of the vehicle instead.
All the “leaves” in the artwork is full of the names of our fabulous supporters. Yours can be there too!

Did you find a mistake on this website? Or information that is outdated? Please let me know! It is hard work to keep websites updated, and I appreciate if you tell me when something doesn’t look right. Thank you! // Eva

Thank you for visiting the home of the KillaJoule! The KillaJoule was retired from racing in 2019, but will always remain a legend.

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