by Eva Hakansson


The photos in this gallery can be used free of charge for editorial purposes to promote electric vehicles (or Eva Hakansson)  in a positive way. Private blogs, non-profit organizations, and similar count as editorial purposes. We would appreciate a link or copy of the article for our archive. The pictures cannot be used for commercial products (such as coffee cups, posters or book covers) or in advertisement without prior written permission. Please give photo credit where possible; the photographer’s name is typically in the file name. Is no photographer name is included, please give photo credit to Most photos are available in higher resolution upon request.

For all Media and Press inquiries please use media [insert “at” here]

Do you have photos of the KillaJoule that you want to contribute to this gallery, and to our press photo archive? We would be absolutely delighted to include them! Send me a message on the email address above.

Thank you for visiting the home of the KillaJoule! The KillaJoule was retired from racing in 2019, but will always remain a legend.

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